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Dubai-based interior fit-out company prides itself in providing the highest Standards for large-scale projects, including dubai design district, four Seasons abu dhabi and etihad museum.


What are the key challenges facing the construction and fit-out industry?

The key challenges the industry faces are to keep up to date with the new government regulations both with respect to sustainability – as the “green movement” in the UAE is accelerating at a very rapid pace – along with the more stringent safety regulations (especially in the realm of fire safety). Abanos as a company prides itself in continually upgrading capabilities both in terms of sustainability (with FSC certification) as well as being at the forefront of manufacturing fire-rated doors to meet the most recent standards.


Which markets are most important to you?

The region is constantly evolving and changing and we see a huge demand in the healthcare, education, housing and tourism sectors – particularly in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


What changes do you anticipate in construction over the next decade?

Has your main area of business changed over the years? If you were to look at the construction industry 15 years ago, it is a very different one to today’s market. The continuously evolving technology in materials, manufacturing and execution have enabled – and will continue to further drive – the industry to be more resourceful, less wasteful, leaner and generally more sustainable. As an organisation we continually strive to keep the checks and balances in place, whilst staying up-to-date with the most recent standards and developments within the industry. A prime example of this is BIM, which we are using in the Midfield Terminal project in Abu Dhabi. In brief, we look at how to improve ourselves in order to remain at the forefront of our sector of business.


What are your recent projects in the region?

Our latest projects include Dubai Design District, Four Seasons Abu Dhabi and Etihad Museum, which is on-going.


Tell us about the future plans?

At Abanos our future plans involve being able to continuously respond to the market demands and needs whilst evolving with the industry’s most up to date practices, both in field of manufacturing and fit-out services.


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