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Abanos furniture and decoration industry expanded in 1985 as a full-fledged carpentry and joinery factory and today is a leader in the region’s highly competitive interior fit-out and joinery industry. With a wealth of experience and unmatched resources, Abanos has built a remarkable and significant reputation for craftsmanship, quality and value throughout its 30 years of existence. We have a vast experience in executing turnkey solutions. From concept and design to joinery works and custom furnishings, we have the expertise and resources to optimise quality and maximise stakeholder value and overall satisfaction. Our 15,000m2 modern manufacturing facility in Dubai Investment Park has state-of-the-art machinery for wood cutting, molding, carving, veneering, laminating and Abanos painting. Our skilled craftsmen produce a broad line of highquality wood products including, but not limited to, fire-rated doors, wardrobes, cabinets, acoustic paneling, reception counters as well as many other bespoke products.


What projects have you been involved in?

As a company we have been involved in many important projects in the Middle East and abroad. Some of our projects include Emirates Towers Hotel, the At.mosphere restaurant at Burj Khalifa, Dubai Holy Quran Award Building, Zayed University (Dubai Campus), Children’s City, Presidential Palace in Turkmenistan, CHU Amiens Hospital in France, Sipopo Hotel in Equatorial Guinea and Four Seasons in Abu Dhabi.


What challenges did they present?

Abanos prides itself in delivering the highest standards in the quickest time possible, through proper planning, execution and by applying stringent quality control. As every project differs in nature, Abanos is always positively engaged with all project stakeholders such as architects and interior designers as well as suppliers from the worldwide market for fabrics, veneers, wood, furniture and any other materials and components required to achieve the highest of quality. We work together in developing projects in order to achieve the highest standards.


What projects are you most proud of?

We are proud of all our projects because we believe in quality and reputation. However, if we were to name any special projects they would have to include: Dubai Design District — We worked in close collaboration with Tecom (the client), Kling Consult (the consultant) Aedas (the interior designer) and Amana (the main contractor). This fast track project was challenging as it had to be executed in six months. Fortunately, we had alot of support from all the parties involved in enabling designs to be developed and thus the work to be executed quickly. At.Mosphere Restaurant in Burj Khalifa— Another fast track project that was completed in just four months. This required a lot of planning and organisation to get materials transported from the ground floor up to level 122. CHU Amiens Hospital — This project required us to accurately plan, design and construct the elements in the hospital with the construction team from Bouygues (the main contractor) while coordinating and incorporating all the provisions for all MEP elements passing through and being incorporated into them. Additionally, an installation team was shown how to assemble the large reception counters, which were packed and sent to France to be assembled on site without any issues. Four Seasons in Abu Dhabi. We are working closely with Al Futtaim Carillion and their design team to deliver one of the top hotel brands in the world in Abu Dhabi.


What trends do you see coming through with these recent projects?

As a fit out company, we work with different projects that have different styles and requirements from different clients. Each project is unique because sometimes they belong to a concept or a theme and we have to follow in regard to the technical specifications. We believe that organic shapes are a classic trend that architects and interior designers like to work with because they make spaces friendlier and every year they innovate this style by mixing it with different materials. A new trend that we have been seeing is metallic materials mixed with wood and stone in hospitality and residential projects. This could become trendier next year as it gives more options to work with and it can be adapted to different budgets easily. Also, the interior landscaping is something that we see is repeating in some projects, but here in the UAE this is a bit more difficult because of the weather. At the same time we cannot forget about functional spaces when it comes to hospitality and residential projects, people need a lot of space for their personal belongings and when you design a space you need to use all the space in a smart way.

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